Your menswear brand

Counterfitstudio is a Tulum founded men’s wear brand focusing on classic style, comfort and sustainability. The inspiration comes from European mid-century workwear icons such as the Workwear Jacket, Chino Tapered or Sport Short. The entire essential range is made in Mexico in collaboration with local workshops under fair conditions. For conscious travelers who understand aesthetics, quality and durability of clothing. 

  • Bamboo-Cotton

    Have you ever worn bamboo-cotton? No, no we don't mean socks we mean Apparel!

    Have a look at our Essential collection - you'll love it!

    Ones you understand the performance and beauty of the textile you don't go back. Promised!

  • Travelers Sandal

    We are calling it the ultimate classic. Every civilization has its own: Greek / Egyptian / Mayan etc... We re made this original sandal we found in the highlands south Mexicos into a state of the art sandal - more class you don't get (who wants to wear flip-flops?!)